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Our Services

Amrit's Approach to MBA Applications

At AmritAdmit, our approach is designed to bring out the best in you, aligning your aspirations with the expectations of top MBA programs. We've crafted a methodical process that ensures your application shines with authenticity and insight. Here's how we do it:

Structured Guidance

We believe in giving you a clear structure to work within. This starts with your resume and spans to essays and interviews, offering a framework for each component of your application. This structure enables us to refine your story, ensuring that your application components are cohesive and compelling.

Authentic Storytelling

Your unique story is your greatest asset. We dive deep into your experiences, encouraging you to be genuine in every aspect of your application. This authenticity is what differentiates you in a pool of applicants and resonates with admissions committees.

Introspective and Personalized

Our service goes beyond the surface, asking the tough questions to uncover the real you. This highly personalized approach helps connect the dots in your life story, showcasing your growth and potential.


Resume Development

The resume is our starting point, serving as a database of your achievements and involvements. We focus on highlighting your impact on organizations and communities, emphasizing standout actions, quantifiable impacts, and follow-on effects.

Goal Articulation

Before diving into essays or recommendations, we clarify your goals. Through structured writing exercises, we help you articulate your short-term and long-term aspirations, ensuring they are a central theme throughout your application.


We guide you on selecting recommenders and crafting stories that showcase a diverse set of skills, from leadership to resilience. This strategic approach ensures that your strengths are highlighted in a multidimensional manner.


Our customized frameworks for goals, personal, and leadership essays help you present your narrative compellingly. We stress specificity and authenticity, encouraging deep introspection to ensure your essays reflect your true self.

Interview Preparation

With mock interviews and a detailed guide for storytelling, we prepare you to face the admissions committee confidently. Our preparation covers everything from your personal story to behavioral questions, ensuring you are ready for any question.

Supplementary Material

We tackle additional application components early on, such as the resume and letters of recommendation, to focus on refining your essays and interview skills.

Blurry Blue

What I really appreciated in Amrit was his warmth and professionalism, Working with him was super easy and enjoyable and there are very few who care to develop such relationships with their clients. Unlike a few consultants who discourage calls, Amrit prefers personal calls to discuss essays and it makes a HUGE difference as it brings crystal clear clarity in the candidate’s mind him/her writes their essay with perfection 

Tushar Verma 

That said, the part where Amrit truly shines is in bringing you to life on your resume! (which, by the way, is just as important as the essays). I cannot stop gushing over how good my resume turned out after working with him (mind you, I had already finished working on it with my previous consultant but after Amrit was done with it, it became a masterpiece I was in love with). Even now when I re-read my resume, I  smile to myself because it makes me feel so good about myself!

Varun Rao 

Amrit was also a great source of emotional support during the stressful application process. He understood how challenging and daunting the application process can be, especially when dealing with rejection or delays. He always kept my spirits up and provided me with words of encouragement that helped me stay motivated and focused.

Giriraj Heda

He further pushes you to your limits of introspection and fundamentals of decision-making through various choices. He will never settle with a good or workable draft. He will only settle for the best version. 

Josh Singh

Why Choose Amrit?

Our approach is not just about securing an admit; it's about understanding and presenting the authentic you. With AmritAdmit, you get a partner who is invested in your success, guiding you at every step of the application process with a personalized, structured, and introspective methodology.

Hourly Packages

Hourly services are a great option for applications who need help with discrete tasks eg. resume or want help on higher level strategy

Interview Preparation

Tailored strategy for each school consisting of development of answers, practice sessions and a full video mock.

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