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After having gone through the application process once before, I was on the lookout for the ‘perfect’ consultant so that I wouldn’t have to go through the process once again. I was quick to decide on Amrit based on just one phone call I had with him, during which I found him frank, logical, and friendly – a perfect balance one seeks to make the process most effective.

Amrit’s frameworks were the game changer for me. They were tailored to fit every school, logic-driven, unique, and easy to follow through. If there was one part of my application that improved significantly in my second attempt, it was the school research bit. Amrit not only helped me ace it with the help of his simple framework but also made me realize its importance.

He has a very high bar for quality and he pushes you beyond your capabilities. I had taken up a target of 6 schools in 2 months for R1. Although he might have been sure from the start about how unrealistic the target was, he still worked around a plan for me to reach it, given my eagerness. Halfway through I realized I was going too fast and decided to deprioritize, and Amrit’s strategy to split the 6 applications between rounds 1 and 2 came in very useful. I distinctly remember how Amrit pushed me to include a particular school in R1 because he knew of its importance in my list and thought my chances in R2 would be lower.

On a personal level, Amrit was super chill to work with. He was flexible with his timings and had a surprisingly quick turnaround time, despite multiple clients across time zones. I remember an instance when I asked him for a meeting instead of a call because I thought Facetime would make the process more effective. He willingly agreed to it and even offered to do more such sessions in the future.

In summary, a lot of things I learned from him go beyond just Business school applications. He even offered to help out with my plans before and during my MBA. I am confident of staying in touch with him for any advice I seek as I go down my professional path. I wish him all the best!

Aayush Gandhi

Ashoka University
Pre-MBA Company
Columbia ($$), Ross ($$)
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