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Amrit was recommended to me by a friend who had worked with him the previous year. While I was leaning towards US-based consultants, I decided to work with Amrit after my initial call because of his structured, non-nonsense, and outcome-oriented approach - all geared towards getting you the best results.

Having gone through this process and received an admit from my dream school, there are three reasons that I would recommend anyone to work with Amrit:

- Structured yet personalized approach: While the application process can be daunting, Amrit was able to ease the pressure by breaking down the process into achievable sub-tasks. And there is never a lull / drop in the process as Amrit is prompt in his replies / feedback and was able to match my speed and energy. And while the process is structured, Amrit makes sure to bring out the personal and authentic aspect of the applicant. He spends ample time to thoroughly understand your background, interests, and passions and is able to then work with you to create a unique narrative for the application.

- Warm, personable, honest, and approachable: Amrit is extremely approachable, a quality I really appreciated. From being available for multiple brainstorming sessions (I think we did 10+ iterations for one essay) to making it easy to share personal and embarrassing stories, Amrit made the application process enjoyable (I do believe that led to better outcomes as the whole process felt relaxed). And even more importantly, Amrit is brutally honest with his feedback which was helpful in making sure that we were always coming up with the best possible essays.

- School-specific knowledge: One of the best aspects of working with Amrit was his school-specific knowledge and his ability to draw out relevant “So-Whats” from each part of the essay. For an applicant in a competitive pool, it was crucial to create personalised and differentiated stories/essays and Amrit was instrumental in helping me craft a cohesive and engaging narrative in my essays that would appeal to the different schools.

I would highly recommend Amrit to any potential applicant interested in applying to B-school - it will be the best decision you can make.

Abhishek Gupta

National University of Singapore
Pre-MBA Company
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