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My MBA application journey has lasted two years. I had a terrible experience with one of the most renowned consultants during the last cycle. This year, I was keen on doing the right research before actually working with a consultant. After speaking to numerous consultants and successful candidates, I finally decided to work with Amrit. From the very first introductory call, I loved how straightforward Amrit was with my chances at schools and the realistic steps I would have to take to maximize my chances.

The thing that I liked about working with Amrit is how he has codified the process. He breaks down the process into smaller steps and only after completing these steps, we would move ahead. I enjoyed this bit because it helped me stay organized in an otherwise overwhelming process with multiple schools and deadlines. On the essay front, we went through a lot of iterations before an essay was finalized. He doesn’t sacrifice on quality even if I was already on the 10th iteration. We would keep doing this to and fro until it was perfect. Throughout these iterations, Amrit would patiently guide and help me in the thought process but never spoonfeed, which I really appreciate in hindsight. It has made me a better thinker and writer.

For interviews, as for everything, Amrit has a set process to best prepare, which includes first building the answers and then a bunch of mock interviews with him. I found the interview help extremely helpful as I could discuss everything from my expressions to my content with him. Overall, I found Amrit extremely organized, approachable (can schedule a call with him anytime, and any number of times), and professional in terms of timelines (24-hour turnaround time). If you’re gunning for M7 schools and beyond, Amrit is the way to go!

Aditya Worah

St Josephs College of Commerce
Pre-MBA Company
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