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I am a re-applicant and there was no doubt in my mind that I would be working with Amrit again through the process. The application process was a very fun and easy-going experience driven by a few key factors that Amrit brings to the table –

1. He brings out your story: Amrit knows how to look at various elements of your profile and life experiences to bring out the right hook that will resonate with the ad-coms. This will be a rigorous and collaborative process where sometimes Amrit will not shy away from negating your ideas and sometimes he will bring out ideas that you would not be able to conceptualize standalone. What I really liked was that the ‘story’ process never ends – he will not end it at your goals but also push to bring it out in the interview, experience-based essays etc. On one occasion, he helped me come up with what I would contribute the schools by stitching my work experience, goals and extra-curriculars all in one.

2. He is a one-man army: Amrit helps you through the entire process – from goals to the application form to the interview. He knows all aspects of your application and thus can stich it together very well. However, he will never give a go-ahead to any material unless he is completely satisfied with it. Doesn’t matter how many iterations have taken place, or how busy he is, he will always push to bring the material to best possible version. He will also adapt to your working style/time schedule to the extent feasible. Amrit has helped me bang out an application in 4 days when I was overburdened with work and has also pushed me to take more time to reflect when something wasn’t clicking/ the application was too complex.

3. He is a perfect blend of friend and advisor: No questions are stupid, and there is nothing he won’t help with. Additionally, working with him is fun! He ensures that you don’t feel the burden of the tedious application and makes it an easy and fun exercise. He also brings a lot of experience to the table in terms of exposure to different industries and his own MBA stint. (for one application, I referred to his essay for inspiration for a prompt). PS: he was my second call (after dad) when I got my admit into my priority 1 school.

All in all, I would recommend Amrit. My outcome – 7 applications, 2 admits with some scholarships, 1 other admit and 2 waitlists and I am very excited to join Ross this fall.

Advika Daga

Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics
Pre-MBA Company
Ross, McCombs ($$), Tepper ($$)
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