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I am Amrit’s repeat customer! When I decided to apply to B-Schools for the 2nd time I was sure that I wanted to work with Amrit. It is important to build a rapport with your counselor, who can not only understand your story but is also able to embellish it. Amrit’s stellar pedigree puts him in a favorable position to provide such guidance.

He has a structured approach with the aim to stick to the prompt received from schools. He will not approve of half-baked materials even in his busiest season. You benefit from multiple iterations of the draft without losing any time because of his ultra-quick response time. Unlike other counselors, once you have signed with Amrit the conversation is never transactional. You work as a team with Amrit acting as a perfect sounding board of ideas. The entire application process is more streamlined as he helps with editing resumes, essays, LORs, and preparing for interviews.

I strongly recommend Amrit to keep you motivated, relaxed and on schedule for the MBA application process.

Akanksha Agarwal

Pre-MBA Company
Kellogg ($$), INSEAD
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