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I wanted to share a little bit about my experience, what was important for me, all the thought processes that went on in my head, and how Amrit helped me navigate through all those challenges.

I come from a purely technical background. So when I started realizing that it's very important to portray your story in a different way, for example, I have always been focused on like coding languages and the technical aspect of things. But when it came to applying for an MBA, I had to learn how to present my story in a strategic way, focus on the leadership aspect of all my projects and the places where I took various initiatives.

Amrit helped me identify all these items properly. I spoke to 4-5 different counselors and I think one thing that really stood out to me about Amrit was that it was very easy to talk to him about anything. Whether it was something challenging or about anything I felt he was very straightforward about things and he was non-judgemental. I think that was important for me and that's something that stood out for me compared to other counsellors. And he was always very honest and upfront and so that was one of the main reasons that I started working with Amrit.

I realized that he was much more than a counselor. There were many times during the application process when I was falling behind. And he helped me stay on track. And there were times when I was on my fifth or sixth draft and I felt like my story was not coming out properly, but Amrit never gave up. He always pushed me and encouraged me to focus on my own story and allowed me to be truly vulnerable in my stories. And I think that was important for me to get into Stanford GSB because it's about sharing my story, sharing the complete picture of myself, and connecting that with the person that I am today.

For anybody who's considering applying for business school, I would highly, highly recommend Amrit as your counselor. I'm sure he'll help you, guide you through this process, and make it as easy as possible. By the end of last year, I learned so much through his process and the journey and it didn't feel like a challenge. It just felt like I grew so much and I learned so much about myself and it was a truly memorable experience.

Alekhya Reddy

IIT Madras
Pre-MBA Company
Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg,($$) Yale ($$)
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