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As a repeat applicant, I knew the pain of rejection. I met Amrit at an admissions event and saw the immense value he could add to my application process. A few things stood out during my interaction with Amrit:

1. Amrit was genuinely interested in getting to know me. He understood what I wanted in terms of my career (sometimes better than I did) and was immensely helping in storyboarding and articulating a coherent application.

2. Amrit’s response time was under 24 hours. This helped me fine-tune my applications with multiple iterations. Amrit was very pointed with his feedback and pushed me to turn out the best application I possibly could

3. Amrit went way beyond what he had to do professionally. On the night of a tight deadline, he knew I was stressed out and was available for me by phone, email, and WhatsApp.

Amrit is incredibly easy to talk to and so much fun to work with! With his help, I applied to 5 schools, secured interviews from 4, and got admitted to 3.

Aman Haji

IIT Kanpur
Pre-MBA Company
LBS, NYU, Tuck
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