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Being a “non-traditional” candidate, the application process seemed very daunting to me at the outset. However, my very first call with Amrit put me at ease. The structured manner in which he approached the process by breaking it down to smaller actionable items really kept me focused and on track throughout.

While Amrit encourages you to shoot your best shot, he is very upfront about his opinion and keeps you grounded, something which is very rare to find in people in this profession. He pushes you to introspect deeply and will not settle until you’ve arrived at the best version of your application, no matter how many iterations it takes.

He’s also always readily available and is very prompt in his response. Many times I was stuck with work obligations and had to cut very close to the deadline but Amrit was available throughout and responded within 2hrs, something I’m very grateful for.

The interview support he provided is also very comprehensive and prepares you to tackle all sorts of questions that can be thrown your way. With his help, I applied to 3 M7s and was admitted at 2 and waitlisted at 1. I’m finally attending Wharton (My dream! Which I thought was a reach for me) and wholeheartedly recommend Amrit to everyone who is thinking of applying to b-schools.

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National Law University Bhopal
Pre-MBA Company
Flipkart, Luthra and Luthra
Wharton, Booth
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