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I met Amrit at the beginning of what was to be my final attempt at shooting for a Top MBA Program. It is thanks to his strategic guidance, his thoughtful feedback, and his investment in my application that I am on my way to my Dream B-School (London Business School).

Here’s what I loved while working with Amrit:

1. Will-Do Attitude: When I received interview invitations from B Schools, Amrit unfortunately was hospitalized with illness. Yet he did not let this affect our preparation. I still remember the time he (unexpectedly!) called me from the hospital so that we could practice a mock interview. I was mighty impressed – here was a professional who deeply cared for his clients.

2. Honest Feedback; Solution Oriented: Amrit provided direct, concise feedback – nothing sugar-coated, yet precisely what was necessary to improve my essay/interview quality. More importantly, Amrit provided powerful suggestions that really helped me reflect and craft a more compelling story.

3. Methodology and Turnaround time: Amrit has prepared guidance points for two critical components of the MBA application: (a) the essays and (b) the interview. These served as fantastic starting points and really helped me channel my efforts. Amrit also has a quick turnaround time – whenever I sent him a draft, he invariably provided feedback within 24 hours. This ensured I always remained “in the flow”.

Here are a couple of suggestions I’d give to potential MBA applicants working with Amrit:

1. Be ready for hard truths: As mentioned above, Amrit pulls no punches when providing feedback but delivers it in a pleasant manner. He is also unsatisfied until the essays/interview responses are “just right”. It is important to be mindful that his feedback is in your best interest, and that he will always brainstorm/provide suggestions to help improve your chances.

2. Time management: While Amrit is deeply committed, he is also a VERY popular coach. Nearer to the application deadlines, whilst I was always able to get time with him, it gets difficult to block popular timeslots. I’d, therefore, encourage an applicant to complete his / her application earlier to maximize his inputs and interactions.

Thanks, Amrit — for everything. You knew my stakes were high and you went out of your way to deliver — I’m incredibly grateful!


Government Law College
Pre-MBA Company
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