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With 2 months to go for R1 deadlines, I started looking for US MBA admissions consultants. By speaking to a few MBA admits/students within my circle, I realized that I wanted to work with an admissions consultant who was:

a) Honest about my chances of getting accepted to a top US B-school
b) Genuinely interested in understanding my background and perspectives
c) Going to critique my viewpoints while encouraging me to bring out the most unique stories
d) Responsive in essay-edits and available for quick sync-ups throughout the process

I had heard about Amrit from a few colleagues - they described him not only as a great consultant but also as a mentor who even helped them prepare for B-school life after getting admitted. After speaking to several consultants, I was very clear that I wanted to partner with Amrit in this comprehensive process.
Amrit’s approach to the application process is very structured - he broke it down into weekly sub-components (resume, goals, essays, video submissions) while being very particular about the quality of output.

He provided valuable feedback on my essays, critiquing my thinking and ultimately bringing out the reasons why I felt my story was unique. By encouraging me to dig deeper, Amrit pushed me towards becoming a better storyteller in my applications.

His willingness to always make time for quick discussions / essay edits and his ability to act as a sounding board whenever I was stuck, were instrumental in shaping up my applications well ahead of deadlines.

I received 2 interview calls in R1. His structured interview preparation was pivotal. Finally heading to Kellogg this year :)

To anyone who wants to crack the top US B-school admissions and enjoys working through a structured process - I definitely recommend partnering with Amrit!

Ashwin Prashant

IIT Kharagpur
Pre-MBA Company
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