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The 1st time I talked to Amrit was around August'16 and I was already running short of time. I was working and was completely new to the MBA application process and didn't know where to start.

Amrit explained the whole process to me and laid down a personalized structured approach. As I saw my CV develop over the next few days, I was already feeling more confident. The brainstorming sessions helped me figure out what I actually want to do with my career and also how to put them in the most emphatic and result-oriented manner in my applications.

It was Amrit who suggested applying to UCLA based on my strong inclination towards tech. He gave a very nice structure to my story including a brief job change thereby making it a continuum.

As a result, I got an admit from UCLA with $40k scholarship in R1 itself. It was his mock interviews that made my actual interview a cakewalk. Amrit didn't only help me but one of my fellows admits too indirectly as I helped him prepare for an interview for UCLA with all the tools Amrit taught me.

Baibhab Kislay

IIT Bhubaneswar
Pre-MBA Company
UCLA ($$)
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