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Second time applying. Got into my dream school with 50% scholarship, thanks to Amrit!

Amrit is an outstanding MBA admissions consultant who helped me immensely in my B-school applications. This was my second time applying to MBA programs after a first failed attempt, and Amrit's guidance was crucial to my success.

One of the things I appreciated most about working with Amrit was the level of structure he brought to the process. He provided a clear roadmap and timeline for the application process, which helped me stay organized and on track. His process helped me stay focused and ensured that I was hitting all the necessary milestones along the way. Amrit was highly responsive and accessible throughout the application process, always available to answer any questions I had, and provide feedback on my drafts.

Amrit was also a great source of emotional support during the stressful application process. He understood how challenging and daunting the application process can be, especially when dealing with rejection or delays. He always kept my spirits up and provided me with words of encouragement that helped me stay motivated and focused.

Amrit was particularly helpful in improving my resume structure and converting highly technical engineering jargon into common terms that anyone could understand. He helped me showcase my impact on my work, which was instrumental in the success of my applications. He was also an excellent coach during the interview preparation process. He helped me develop a clear and concise message about who I was and why I wanted to attend business school. He provided me with detailed feedback on my responses and helped me practice my interview skills until I felt confident and prepared. His insights and guidance helped me improve my communication skills and feel more at ease during the interviews.

Overall, I highly recommend Amrit as an MBA admissions consultant. He is a consummate professional who is passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. His attention to detail, expertise, and dedication to his clients are second to none, and I am grateful for his guidance and support in helping me secure admission to my dream MBA programs!!

Giriraj Heda

NIT Karnataka
Pre-MBA Company
Darden ($$)
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