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Amrit was the difference between me getting into a top business school and not. He is extremely professional and methodical in how he goes about the entire process. He is proactive - for example, early on due to personal matters he could not work with me but then when it became possible, he himself reached out to me and I thank you dearly for that. It just shows how he cares for the people he works with and about their applications.

His insights were very useful, and clear, and pointed out many loopholes which I was blind to in my story. There were times when he gave me the much-needed reality check which made the difference between me writing fantasy in an essay versus writing a clear rational honest essay. Additionally, he is extremely friendly and will be honest with you throughout the process which is the most important.

When I got the interview call, he had a prep call with me while he was in the hospital after going through surgery. It just shows how dedicated he is and I can’t thank him enough for that. When it was not possible to have a group discussion for my Wharton TBD, he secured me a slot in another group discussion through his network. This shows that he will do everything that is needed to get you to submit the best application and present your best self in front of the committee.

I can’t recommend Amrit enough if you need an honest, clear, supportive, intelligent person to work with for your applications.

Harshal Nimawat

IIT Bombay
Pre-MBA Company
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