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The MBA application process can be quite intimidating and anxiety-filled, and it always helps to have someone in your corner. After a (perceptibly) disastrous set of results in Round 1, I contacted Amrit to be better prepared for Round 2 applications. That decision not only drastically improved the 2 applications I submitted in R2 but also helped convert both my R1 waitlists. I had a million doubts about the application process, which Amrit patiently addressed and helped me craft a coherent narrative for my essays. My essays clearly defined my goals and aspirations, my reasons for pursuing an MBA, and how they connected to my personal and professional journey. The biggest impact that Amrit had on my essays was proving why I was the right fit for the schools I was applying to. His approach is exceptionally thorough, and he made me research on schools extensively.

He also completely overhauled my resume, making me focus on my achievements significantly better and highlighting areas relevant to my goals.

All that hard work was worth it in the end; I was admitted to LBS, Booth and Kellogg. Heading to Kellogg with a merit scholarship and all thanks to Amrit!

Iffat Siddiqui

IIT Kanpur
Pre-MBA Company
Booth, Kellogg ($$), LBS
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