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Admits To Kellogg & Columbia (100K Scholarship)

Amrit is equal parts practical, creative, and motivational. I realized that after our first call, which I had set up after meeting half-a-dozen brand name consultants who strongly recommended applying to schools in the T10 – T15 range. He was candid about my candidacy for M7, methodically noted the pros/cons of my profile, and drew up a roadmap to target 3 M7s even before we formally started working together.

Throughout the application journey, Amrit was quite generous with his time and would offer frequent touchpoints to discuss potential stories, clear mental blocks, or simply brainstorm ideas for essays. We were able to seamlessly work across time zones as Amrit was super flexible about connecting on weekends and prompt with his responses.

Amrit is an effective storyteller and has a knack for identifying compelling stories. His experience in navigating the whole application process was invaluable to me since I could depend on his judgment on schools’ culture, ad-com preferences, and even my fit.

I initially connected with Amrit because of his pithy webpage and stayed with him for his no-nonsense, yet kind attitude, and expertise in helping candidates with complex profiles (in my case – an Indian candidate living in Canada wanting to study in the US).

Thanks, Amrit for getting me into 2 M7s with substantial scholarships. I believe you deserve 50% of the credit for getting me into my favorite school, a case can be made for a higher credit percentage.

Ishita Malhotra

Simon Fraser University
Pre-MBA Company
Kellogg ($$), Columbia ($$)
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