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Admitted To Haas & Ross (W/ $40k Scholarship)

Coming from a non-traditional work background (public-sector digital space), I was skeptical of my chances at a top business school. However, working with Amrit, I realized the power of logical storytelling to explain my ideas with measurable impact. With his guidance, I not only got into the coveted Michigan Ross with a $40K scholarship but also broke into the very selective Haas School of Business. Given below are some of the highlights of working with Amrit: –

1. Quite literally as stated in his website, Amrit has a no B.S. approach to essays and resumes. He likes clarity of thought process and quantitative metrics to give credence to the story. This approach fundamentally changes the whole narrative of pre-MBA story writing from telling to showing, giving the reader a very strong and genuine grasp of the aspirant’s life journey.

2. Contrary to writing essays and researching on schools, he will first ask you to be clear on your resume and post-MBA goals w.r.t short-, medium- and long-term career trajectories. This approach helps in identifying a clear fit with business schools as each school is special in its own way

3. Amrit is a master at helping in drafting a nearly perfect resume. He uses a mix of quantitative and impact-centric philosophies to carve high-quality resumes. He does so by taking a lot of time in first fixing the resume as an impact-heavy library, from where different story pivots emerge naturally.

4. Amrit outshines others by a large margin in bringing out the deep elements of one’s personality. I struggled a lot at showing my inner-self and vulnerable side to the reader in my stories. But he helped me bring the core tenets of my idiosyncrasies and be genuine and authentic to the reader. This helped to write strong personal stories as they came from my heart with conviction.

5. He further pushes you to your limits of introspection and fundamentals of decision-making through various choices. He will never settle with a good or workable draft. He will only settle for the best version. That means that the candidate better be hardworking and willing to put in extra time if he/she wants to work with Amrit. I remember undertaking 5-6 drafts on one essay with him, which is a lot of personal attention from Amrit’s side.

6. During the time of application deadlines, Amrit was available round the clock on E-mail. In fact, a lot of value came into my essays through this last-minute to-and-fro of exchange with him. I do not recall a time when I needed his help and he wasn’t available. This made a crucial difference to my overall application submission as he helped me manage anxiety and answer my multiple doubts, despite having other candidates bothering him simultaneously for their application deadlines.

7. Lastly, on a personal side, Amrit has a fantastic sense of humor and an authentic unfiltered communication style, which I frankly liked a lot as I could trust his advice and go all out with it without bothering for hypocrisy or ingenuine motives. I always felt he had my best interest in guiding me, even sometimes when he pushed me a lot as he was not satisfied with my input. I highly recommend any serious candidate to go ahead with him as he would be your mentor, critic, and ultimately, a deeply dependable friend in the MBA application process.

Josh Singh

Punjab Engineering College
Pre-MBA Company
Smart Cities Mission
Haas, Ross ($$)
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