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I’m not new to admissions consultants, used a US Consultant before I was recommended Amrit. However, the difference was stark. Previously (before the 2020 app surge) I was dinged after an interview. This time I received offers :), arguably during one of the harder years. I wish I was given Amrit’s reference earlier.

Amrit understood where I was coming from and was far more granular. After going ahead with Amrit, he explained the process and what the Admissions Committee looks for and where your profile fits best.

While the processes are pretty much standardized across admissions consultants, I felt we spent more time developing the overall strategic theme and connecting experiences. This foundation is ultimately what I feel helped develop a really strong application.

Overall he wasn’t a yes man to agree to any idea or thought I had. He would let me know whether something was not worth mentioning and more importantly would explain why it wasn’t worth mentioning in the application. Having said that it’s not that he was rigid, Amrit was also open to listening to suggestions and incorporating them into the applications.

Amrit helped bring out elements within my application to connect the dots. His help in explaining why I should mention or not mention a particular aspect was really beneficial. Because of that I could actually connect and understand what was required.

Turnaround time with Amrit was really quick, I would book time generally the previous evening for the following afternoon, and I always got feedback. Don’t think I ever had to wait for over 24 hours for feedback.

Interview preparation was targeted and there was a debrief after each mock on ways to improve. Looking at my notes/answer structure for the questions before and after interview prep, I was more self-assured.

Bonus points to Amrit since he was invested in the overall success and not limited only to the selected schools, I was provided samples for other schools – “My job is to get you into an MBA program.” I was applying on my own to some other schools for which the application was a mix of those I was doing with Amrit. I was provided with some samples. He could have made a sale or pushed for further services but didn’t.

For someone coming from a place where test scores were all that mattered and not aware of how the MBA apps actually work, Amrit is a godsend. He understands that a certain level of hand-holding is required and actually provides it. I can’t recommend Amrit enough and wish I had known of Amrit earlier. I would have definitely gotten in earlier using his application strategy.

You can’t go wrong with Amrit, you will definitely have a great application.

Karl Patel

Mumbai University
Pre-MBA Company
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