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I began my application-prep with little knowledge of the process, and was looking for a consultant who could give it to me straight and bring out the best in me. After my first call with Amrit, I was more than convinced that I’d made the right choice!

Amrit has a deep knowledge of what each school is looking for and an uncanny knack of effecting deeper introspection. His extremely friendly nature and incisive questioning style created a comfortable space for me to introspect, and helped me build intensely personal applications.

Amrit has a truly international background, and this helps him neutralize country-specific idiosyncrasies that may have been overlooked by another consultant – evidenced by the several “moments of truth” during our conversations. Whether it was the 3am calls or several rounds of interview prep, Amrit went above and beyond to bring out the best in me. I was often left pleasantly surprised to find myself exceeding even my own expectations!

I see Amrit as more than just an admissions consultant. He is a life coach who helped me become more self aware, and thereby tell my story with more conviction. Lastly, Amrit helped me realize my long-term aspiration of going to Kellogg. However, I will carry the lessons learnt while working with him for life.

Kartik Chellapa

RV College of Engineering
Pre-MBA Company
Kellogg, Tuck, Darden ($$), Ross ($$)
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