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I had just received a good number of rejections from schools in the US and Canada when I decided that I needed to find a consultant to help me perfect my application for the next application cycle. Speaking with different consultants, I narrowed it down to Amrit as he seemed the most optimistic about my potential to convert to a good school. While other consultants were pushing me to retake the standardized tests so I had a better score to work with, Amrit was very respectful when I explained to him that I did not want to spend more time and effort retaking the test and wanted a school that would accept me for my score.

Through our conversations, Amrit was able to help pinpoint a couple of major mistakes I made while applying the previous year and helped me understand end-to-end what I needed to focus on for the upcoming cycle. For the next 3 months, he helped me to stay organized with deadlines and kept pushing me to go above and beyond in my essays. He instilled confidence in me that I could do better and really made me strive to network and truly understand why I was applying to the schools I had chosen which ended up translating well into my essays.

When comparing my essays to the previous year, I could see the huge improvements and how my candidacy was strengthened immensely. When it came to interview prep, his comprehensive prep plan was all I needed. I had never felt more prepared for an interview and even enjoyed the process. In the end – I secured an admission from Rotman with a scholarship after being rejected the year before as well as Tepper.

Working with Amrit was truly enjoyable and helped me regain the confidence I lost after the multiple college rejections I received the year before. The humor, honesty, and positivity he brought to the process was a great balance to the anxiety that the application process can bring to some of us

Kavya T

PSG College of Technology
Pre-MBA Company
Tepper, Rotman ($)
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