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When I started my application journey, the only thing that I was certain of was that I wanted to start my MBA the following year. Failure was not an option, and therefore I did not want to take any chances. I talked to multiple consultants over many weekends to find the right fit before I finally talked to Amrit.

My conversation with him made me realize what exactly all the other consultants lacked. Amrit had a genuine interest in my ‘success’. Not only did he have the knowledge and skills to help me, but also, we also defined what success would mean for me. He advised me on which schools to apply to while being open to what I thought.

Amrit was very approachable throughout the process and finding time with him was never difficult. He is very professional about deadlines and we were always able to work through multiple iterations of drafts and brainstorming sessions until we both agreed that essays were in perfect shape.

His mentorship and feedback after the interview invitations helped me land a top-12 offer and a full-ride from another top-20 school, even though I come from a very competitive Indian male engineer pool. Looking back, I find it tough to imagine receiving such offers without Amrit’s help.

Khalid Syed

IIT, Hyderabad
Pre-MBA Company
Darden, UNC ($$)
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