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Darden with 50% Scholarship

Imposter syndrome is never more palpable than when one begins to consider pursuing an MBA from a top school. When competition is tough and admission rates are declining, it is difficult not to doubt your own story and accomplishments. But this is precisely what Amrit helped me rediscover and articulate through my application process.

With two prior rejections, I contacted Amrit in May’21 to help me with school selection and applications. Most other consultants had provided a conservative view of where I could apply and get in. But, despite a 329 on the GRE, Amrit encouraged me to apply to schools that I wanted to attend by reinforcing my confidence in my story and goals. His unique style of working on the MBA resumes and recommendations, built from an acute understanding of the admissions process, allowed me to finish the common denominators for all schools first.

As we discussed approaches to essay prompts, we brainstormed through my life experiences, going into depth about my values, past decisions, learnings, and actions. More than once I asked him about what the school would want to hear, but every time, he brought the focus back to me, and what I authentically had to say. This led to me writing essays that were simple, clear, and impactful, reflecting who I really was. As the interview invites began to pour in, through mocks with Amrit I could practice how to succinctly articulate my responses and put my best foot forward.

I will be attending UVA Darden this fall with a 50% scholarship. I am grateful for the guidance I received from Amrit and his team which extended beyond the application process in finding the confidence to apply to the best institutions in the world, and in holding my own through what is a nerve-wracking process.

Khushboo Daiya

Vellore Institute of Technology
Pre-MBA Company
Darden ($$)
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