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Admitted To Stanford (With Scholarship) & Wharton

I enthusiastically endorse Amrit as an exceptional admissions consultant who has been pivotal in reshaping my MBA application journey. As a non-traditional candidate without the support of a feeder undergraduate institution, relevant job experience, and after a previously unsuccessful application cycle, I was navigating uncharted waters. When I initially contacted Amrit, it was his impartial feedback and genuinely positive approach—devoid of any sales pitch—that resonated with me.

Having previously engaged with a costly consulting firm, I found myself squandering considerable time scouring the internet for inspiration and engaging in unproductive self-introspection exercises. This futile approach led me nowhere. However, Amrit’s approach revolutionized my perception of the application process. His methodical framework not only demystified the daunting nature of the applications but also facilitated a profound exploration of my experiences, enabling me to construct a genuine narrative of my candidacy.

Amrit’s striking attribute lies in his unapologetic honesty—a rarity in this field. His direct and transparent demeanor proves invaluable; he guides you to aim high while simultaneously developing a prudent strategy for business school applications. Furthermore, his unwavering patience throughout the iterative revision cycles is nothing short of remarkable.

Before him, I spoke to numerous consultants as a reapplicant. A few advised me to look for T20 safety schools and a few others went ahead to tell me that an MBA is not a good career choice. When I mentioned to Amrit my dream of applying to GSB, he not only encouraged me but even went beyond our initial engagement and helped me.

For those currently evaluating their choice of an admissions consultant, I confidently affirm that selecting Amrit will be a decision you’ll never regret. His insights and dedication have had a profound impact on my journey, and I am excited to see the transformation he can bring to others as well.

Kripanshi Jindal

Manipal Institute of Technology
Pre-MBA Company
Stanford ($$), Wharton
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