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With an apprehension of how a consultant could help me write my own story, I spoke for the first time to Amrit.

However, I felt that he genuinely tried to understand my journey as a friend and mentor. And the end of that first conversation, he gave me an honest picture of strengths and weaknesses in my profile. At that point, I was confident that Amrit would be the best guide to navigate the tedious process B school application process. With a relatively low GMAT, I got admitted from 2 (Tuck and Fuqua) of the 3 schools in R1 itself.

Amrit’s organized yet personalized approach was an immense help. Starting from a resume to having a proper format for every essay and being confident at an interview, Amrit is truly a perfectionist. I remember that when I gave up on one of my essays, he pushed me to ensure it was the perfect version.

I believe his ability to ensure that people achieve their maximum potential has helped me put my best foot forward. Thank you for being my sounding board throughout the process.

Megha Tak

Pre-MBA Company
Tuck, Fuqua ($$)
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