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Top Mentor, Even Better Friend; Darden Admit With Full Scholarship!

I started thinking about applying for my MBA in late October 2018 when it was getting close for Round 2. With a 710 GMAT and absolutely no knowledge of the application process, I was super nervous that I’d even make it in time. Quite serendipitously, I stumbled upon Amrit’s website. Reading through all his past client experiences, their selection records, and after an intro chat, I was convinced that I wanted to start working asap with this super cool, motivating and funny mentor.

His first piece of advice for me – Improve my GMAT (considering I’m from an ultra-competitive pool). With under a month’s concerted effort and his advice on studying strategies, I improved to a 740 in mid-Nov ’18. Phew, what a relief! The very same day, we kick-started our engagement in a structured, time-calculated schedule.

Amrit’s world-class pedigree (Cornell | Booth | McKinsey), his invaluable experience, and his dedication towards your goals combine to give you an unbeatable application experience. We sent in solid apps to five leading US schools, of which I received two interview calls – Booth, Darden and an admit from Darden with Full Scholarship! Yayy!

Amrit works with you each step of the process, reviewing every line of the draft with razor-sharp insights. The outcome is a perfect deliverable that narrates your story better than you ever could yourself. Still, the highlight for me is that even under the tightest deadlines, I could approach him and take his feedback on the smallest of application items with ease. I think his unwavering commitment to our mission of realizing our max potential is what sets him apart. My advice – Forget any constraints, Amrit is a champion mentor and a friend. Trust him to get you through! 🙂

Prabhat Gusain

BITS Pilani
Pre-MBA Company
Invest India
Darden ($$)
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