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I reached out to Amrit after a terrible round 1, feeling extremely dejected. I had no MBA network and was clueless about the application process and desperately needed a guide. However, what I got was much more! A confidante, mentor, and cheerleader who despite my average scores, non-IIT engineering background, and non-traditional work experience never discouraged me from applying to the top M7s.

Amrit had an extremely systematic approach which helped immensely as I was in parallel trying to take the GRE again. He was also a big proponent of being authentic every step of the day which led me to produce essays that I was truly proud of, upping my confidence for every application. He brought out connections right from my childhood that I did not even know existed until we brainstormed and put pen to paper.

Through this process, Amrit not only coached me on how to approach the crazy application process better but also taught me how to portray myself in the best way – a life skill I know I can use forever. I got into 3 of the 5 schools I worked with him (Booth, Tuck, Yale) with a scholarship and was waitlisted at the 4th (Stanford). I truly believe this would not have been possible without his help. Do not think too much! Get on board with Amrit!

Progya Parmita

RV College of Engineering
Pre-MBA Company
Booth ($$), Yale ($$), Tuck ($$)
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