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I chose to work with Amrit for his plain speech and clarity of thought. Amrit ensures he is fully accessible – whether it be on weekends or weekdays – and very prompt in his response and in sharing feedback on essay drafts. More importantly, Amrit will himself devote time to your application, unlike other consultants who post onboarding will likely delegate your application to a junior consultant. Amrit lays great emphasis on the importance of differentiating application through honest and real self-reflection. This helped me in bringing out significant personal stories that have shaped me as a person and influenced my professional goals. He has the knack for cutting the flab in your essays and guiding you to write your story crisply and clearly. Amrit also had a detailed interview guide which helped me prepare cogent responses to difficult behavioral questions in MBA interviews.

With Amrit’s help, I was able to secure an admission to Kellogg School of Management.

Puneet Arora

Shaheed Sukhdev College Of Business Studies
Pre-MBA Company
I Squared Capital
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