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Accepted To Tuck - Amrit Is With You All The Way!

My introductory call itself, with Amrit, convinced me that he is the mentor I needed to get a successful application.

What stood out in the engagement was Amrit’s quick turnaround (absolutely critical when you are balancing applications alongside work) and his incredible insights coming straight from his experience of having studied and worked outside India.

Amrit’s approach of probing made me reflect more deeply on my experiences in the context of the values I wanted to highlight to the schools, and his school-specific know-how helped in positioning my stories perfectly.

From narrowing down the final set of schools to building a seamless application pack – including the resume, essays, and even my communication with the school, Amrit was my soundboard throughout.

Amrit’s guidance on the interview preparation was particularly interesting. I had multiple mock rounds with him until all the rough edges were chiseled out. My real interviews felt like a smooth ride thanks to the extent to which Amrit had pushed me to better my answers and become comfortable with the unexpected questions.

I would strongly recommend Amrit to any applicant looking to apply to business schools – he will be as invested as you are in making your applications successful.

Rahul Jaisingh

IIT Kharagpur
Pre-MBA Company
Shell, PEGAfrica
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