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I had spoken to a dozen counselors by March last year, in an attempt to start my MBA journey right. After all of my research, I decided to go with Amrit because I felt an instant connection with him; apart from being incredibly approachable, friendly and fun to talk to, I felt that Amrit absolutely understood and recognized my voice and let that come through in my applications.

The MBA journey can be overwhelming, with stringent timelines, scattered resources, and a whole lot of pressure from juggling between work and essay writing. Right from the very first step, Amrit made it easy for me. He used a structured framework in approaching the application process - setting milestones for each deliverable and systematically guiding me through the process. For instance, before I got down to writing essays, we brainstormed on which angle would be most appropriate for the school I was applying to - this helped in ensuring that I covered all the necessary themes holistically throughout my application and set a direction for me to follow. Similarly, for mock interviews, he would encourage me to organize my thoughts according to broad themes - this practice certainly came in handy during my final rounds of interviews.

At the end of the day, I really enjoyed working with Amrit because of how easy it was to get along with him and for his clear, brief, and impactful advice - even after the application process, we have had several conversations about career paths, b-school selection, and just life, in general; he's been a great sounding board and make my application journey way more pleasant and comfortable than I had imagined.

Rhea Chandra

Singapore Management University
Pre-MBA Company
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