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From 10+ Rejections To Darden Admit With Full Scholarship

Working with Amrit allowed me to go from receiving rejections from over 10 colleges to getting admission with a full scholarship within the same year. I applied to several top US and European schools in 2022 during round 2 without engaging a consultant. To my disappointment, I was rejected by all programs. I wasn’t sure of what had gone wrong: maybe it was the test score, my unconventional profile, or a lack of clarity with my goals. Whatever it was, I knew I couldn’t afford to repeat these mistakes when reapplying.

I reached out to Amrit in May 2022 with this conundrum. His feedback was sharp: improve the score, make the resume more impactful, and redo the essays from scratch. I was struck by his willingness to not mince words and felt like it was exactly what I needed. We started working together soon thereafter with the goal of sending applications in early action and round 1. Amrit started by explaining how I could redraft my resume to convey the impact more clearly. He walked me through the resumes of several students who had similar backgrounds and had made it my target school. He also painstakingly shared comments on my drafts to ensure that every bullet conveyed the requisite impact.

On the essays, Amrit helped me realize that my goals sounded vague and generic, almost as if I was following the herd instead of being authentic. He emphasized the importance of introspection and research before I started answering questions like why I wanted to do an MBA and what I intended to pursue in the short term and long term. This was particularly challenging because my background was unconventional. But going through the process with him allowed me to gain clarity about why I was taking this step at this point in my career. My goals became more tailored to my profile which, I believe, allowed me to stand out from other applicants.

One of the best pieces of advice I received from him was on understanding the unique culture and values of each school. This was critical to me being able to explain why studying at a particular university appealed to me. Instead of regurgitating buzzwords from schools’ websites, he encouraged me to go deeper and gain insights from students and alumni. This helped me develop a stronger conviction for every program which was evident in the essays and the interview.

If I had to do it all over again, there’s no doubt that I’d work with Amrit. He not only enabled me to achieve a dream school admission with a scholarship but actually made the journey, I daresay, enjoyable. His wit, enthusiasm, experience, professionalism, and honesty were all fantastic!

Saahil Dama

National Law University Jodhpur
Pre-MBA Company
Amikus AI
Darden ($$)
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