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I got to know about Amrit through a friend of mine who was Amrit's classmate. My friend told me that even when he was a student, Amrit was helping other students and candidates to apply or coaching them for consulting. So it's something that comes naturally to him. I not only used Amrit for my applications but I also used him to prep for consulting interviews during my degree. I would talk about three areas where I found a lot of benefits while being coached by Amrit.

First, over the years, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge and resources, So he has a lot of knowledge in different fields, whether you're a marketing guy or a supply chain guy. He can bring that knowledge to you.

Second is you'll find a lot of people with knowledge, but not everyone can convert that knowledge into insights. I'm a dual supply chain MBA, and he was able to help me take out that supply chain experience and knowledge that I had, but I didn't know I had, in my essays and my interviews.

Third is his ability to understand your situation. I was going through a lot of pressure in my job, and going through a personal life transition as well. Amrit helped me. He understood. In one of the mock interviews, I was not in my mindset at that time. And he said, let's take a break, and let's continue this session the next day. And he was willing to do that and very helpful.

Salman Chaudhry

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Pre-MBA Company
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