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I came from a banking background, with a prior India-MBA degree. I thus had many considerations when I decided to apply to blue-blooded B-schools in the US. Backed by a few references, I reached out to Amrit, and it took me just about half an hour of discussion with him to decide that he’d be the best coach for me. I explained my prevarications to him, including my honest reasons behind pursuing the degree, my generic background in the Indian application pool, and my lack of experience in the co-curricular space.

Surprisingly, of all the consultants I spoke with, Amrit was the only one who lent a patient ear and gave me his honest opinions, and even a potential road map, even without any commitments from my side

What differentiates him from other consultants is not just his pedigree, but his ability to have the bigger picture in mind, and his willingness to always pull you back if you start to drift. He understood the vacancies in my application and pushed me to think about my entire life, both professional and personal. The most outstanding aspect about him is that during the process, he becomes more of a friend than a coach, and kicks you to push yourself when needed, especially when the process grows tiresome. His eagerness to revert with newer suggestions, and coaxing me to dig out achievements that I didn’t think mattered were what lent superiority to my applications, and I’m very thankful to him.

Lastly, he understands the importance of the process more than the results, I remember being contacted by him when I got dinged from some of my dream schools, and his words of encouragement about my effort were the only reason I dared to push myself again with the same energy. He turned my anecdotes of failures into stories that impressed the admissions teams of multiple schools. During the entire process, I evolved into someone who understood better the best reasons for a management degree.

I would recommend Amrit to anyone who thinks an honest consultant can make your application better. You can trust him to make your application the best version of yourself.

Saurabh Kunwar

IIT Kanpur
Pre-MBA Company
JP Morgan
Kellogg, LBS, Ross
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