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Working with Amrit has been a great experience! I enrolled with him in late October 2020 for a competitive application season. To my delight, I received interview invites from two (Kellogg, Wharton) out of the three schools I applied to and converted one – Wharton!

Amrit’s stress on forming a goal statement early on pushed me to introspect, and his probing assisted me in condensing vague ideas and articulating them into more concrete plans. Further, he emphasized on speaking with several students and alumni, and he pushed me to action this, helping carve a well-rounded and thoroughly researched application! With well-drafted samples and his focus on impact in reviewing each line item, he assisted in transforming my resume into a much more compelling document.

Amrit is very approachable on call. Nine times out of ten, I could book his time within 24 hrs. This way of working was not only convenient but allowed me to build a rapport and express myself more freely, ultimately helping us land the best anecdotes for essays. Having worked with several applicants over the years, he brings an ability to identify what works for which school adcom and what doesn’t. Additionally, his brutally honest line-by-line feedback on several iterations helped take the clarity and logical flow of essays to the next level.

In mock interviews and TBDs, Amrit’s support helped me present a more polished and confident version of myself. Amrit has a friendly and humorous demeanor to top it off, making the entire application process more bearable and less grueling. I certainly recommend partnering with Amrit for your b-school applications and trust him to get you across the line!

Shoven Mehta

IIT Bombay
Pre-MBA Company
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