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If I had to sum up my experience with Amrit – it’s like working with a thorough professional who knows what to do to get the best out of you. The more candid, honest, and thorough/diligent you are, the higher your chances of sure results.

I went to Amrit at the beginning of the round 2 season after a terrible experience with a significantly inexpensive and relatively unknown alternative. I hadn’t researched the MBA application process well and skimping on cost was the first mistake I made. Amrit is quality and hence the cost is justified. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Amrit is really great to talk to, easy-going and casual and the process does not feel taxing and formal. He is available regularly, has a very well-oiled workflow that works for many different types of candidates and will help you get into the groove of the MBA application process even as you hit the ground running.

A very important part of the MBA application is standing out as a personable and authentic individual. Most people applying from a hyper-competitive country like India have fantastic jobs, 99%-percentile GMATs, and incredible international experience. Here, it becomes important to bring out an authentic story (or personable character) through the essays and this is where Amrit shines. I learned early on that the more I opened up to him and exhaustively discussed all possible life backgrounds and stories, the more personalized, moving, and powerful examples we were able to build to craft a strong essay.

Amrit has been really accessible throughout the process and I’ve never had an occasion where I wished he was less busy/made more time for the queries that I had. I had plenty of queries, doubts, impostor syndrome attacks, and whatnot – but he was patient and empathetic throughout. At the end of the process, I’d made a friend and he even came to watch my band play when he visited Bangalore.

I’d highly recommend Amrit for a US MBA application process, he’s genuinely good and is guaranteed to get the best out of you and help your application stand out in the most authentic manner possible.

Sumant Nemmani

RV College of Engineering
Pre-MBA Company
Booth, Tuck
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