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Re-Applicant Accepted To Kellogg, Tuck($), LBS

I was a reapplicant and reached out to Amrit after a very bad and unprofessional experience with an expensive Indian consultant. My results changed from 0 admits out of 9 applications to 3 admits out of 6 applications – Kellogg, LBS, and Tuck (with scholarship). What I really appreciated in Amrit was his warmth and professionalism, which isn’t that common with especially Indian consultants. Working with him was super easy and enjoyable and there are very few who care to develop such relationships with their clients.

He has a strict 24-hour TAT, and he ensured that he always gave feedback on drafts within that TAT. This was super helpful to me as I could send him a draft at night and receive feedback by afternoon and again work on it. We made 4-5 iterations within a week !! The story-choosing and writing process designed by Amrit works amazingly well and it was this process and Amrit’s expertise, which helped me choose the perfect stories for Kellogg and write them to perfection.

Unlike a few consultants who discourage calls, Amrit prefers personal calls to discuss essays and it makes a HUGE difference as it brings crystal clear clarity in the candidate’s mind he/her writes their essay with perfection. Amrit’s interview prep was also spot on. I don’t feel I could have prepared for my interview better than I did with the process designed by Amrit. We meticulously planned content for each fundamental interview question and post that I just required a few self-practice sessions and Mocks with Amrit to feel confident about my interview. Looking back, I feel I made a great choice by choosing Amrit and I not only got admitted to 3 Top 10 schools but also enjoyed working with him because of his warm demeanor

Tushar Verma

IIT Ropar
Pre-MBA Company
Kellogg, Tuck, ($$) LBS
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