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Amrit's knowledge and expertise regarding what top MBA schools look for is exceptional. He guided me patiently throughout the process, starting from shortlisting the target schools, identifying my profile's weaknesses and strengths, multiple edits and reviews to interview preparations.

What stood out was that Amrit gave me very candid feedback at every step which helped me constantly improve on the quality of my application. He does not give a go-ahead unless he is 100% satisfied with the quality of a write-up which therefore sometimes meant a few more iterations than when I wanted.

The result was that I got admit to my dream school. Amrit was very approachable to set as many calls as required and responded with his feedback on essays most of the time in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend him as a trusted mentor.

Urshila Lohani

College of Engineering Roorkee
Pre-MBA Company
Fuqua ($$)
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