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Amrit was an exceptional partner in my business school journey! I had only a month to finish my applications and he gave it his all to ensure I submitted work of very high quality. His experience as a personal coach allowed him to ask me many probing questions that led me to introspect and formulate a coherent story. He was greatly helpful in my essay edits as he could typically turn a version around within a day with edits that not only addressed grammatical or word count issues but constantly questioned the story.

Most importantly, Amrit was always available which is especially critical when it is crunch time. The best example of this was when I decided to apply to a top business school a day before its deadline. Amrit without hesitation agreed to help me out and spent the entire day turning around essays and other materials with me. And there was no question about the quality of his work because I got the admit!

I would highly recommend Amrit as a business school counselor as he brings a holistic skillset to the table – he makes you introspect, engages in structured thinking, is always at-cause and empathizes with all your troubles as a past applicant!

Utkarsh Gupta

Pre-MBA Company
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