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As a reapplicant to the same 4 schools as last year, I know for a fact that Amrit played a huge role in converting 4 rejections into an acceptance at my dream school and 2 other interview invites (All top-15 schools in the US).

I initially reached out to him to review my profile and unsuccessful applications from last year. I was very impressed with how comprehensive he was and decided to enlist his help with my resume, goals/SoP, essays, and interview prep.

Throughout this process, I found Amrit to be very methodical and rational, while also matching my ambition and enthusiasm for my career path. He demanded the very best of my efforts. He provided genuine feedback, be it ruthlessly cutting down excesses (or “waffle” as he calls it!) or helping me highlight my unique strengths and experiences. He also made sure that I held myself accountable for deadlines as I navigated a demanding 60+ hours work week.

Amrit’s vast international work experience and admissions consulting expertise were evident from our very first call. No matter what your profile is, it’s likely that he has helped similar clients in the past and knows what it takes to get you into your target school.

Amrit is world-class and seeking him out was the best decision I made during this long and stressful B-School admissions process. Highly recommend.

Varun Chintalpati

Loyola College
Pre-MBA Company
Agra Investment Management
Fuqua ($$)
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