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I was an Indian re-applicant with almost double the average work experience - needless to say it was not going to be easy to get into my dream school. I chose an expensive consultant in the US but since I was not completely happy with the amount of time he gave me, I contacted Amrit to help me.

Amrit is really good at fleshing out your story and making sure that there is a clear logical flow to what you want to say. If I said this is my goal or I want to take xyz course in my essay, he would make sure I have articulated why that makes sense and how it all ties together. He also showed me how to show the university that I understand their program well and that I am a good fit, something he can do only because he knows the schools well.

That said, the part where Amrit truly shines is in bringing you to life on your resume! (which, by the way, is just as important as the essays). I cannot stop gushing over how good my resume turned out after working with him (mind you, I had already finished working on it with my previous consultant but after Amrit was done with it, it became a masterpiece I was in love with). Even now when I re-read my resume, I smile to myself because it makes me feel so good about myself! I am sure my resume made me stand out during the application process and I would not have been able to make it nearly as good without Amrit.

You want to work with someone who is, at the end of the day, a nice person with a congenial personality - someone who will get on a call as many times as you want and take the time to help you. A lot of consultants do one call to tell you about the school and then switch to email exchanges but you want a consultant like Amrit who will give you as many calls as you like so that you can understand how to make your essays/resume perfect. Amrit has that right mix - he can tell you in a very straightforward manner which part of your application is not good enough but he will do it in a way that is not rude or negative. It is for all these reasons I know that I can count on him even after I get to college

Varun Rao

SJCE Mysore
Pre-MBA Company
Schneider Electric
Wharton, Ross ($$)
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