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Amrit has a structured approach to the entire B-school process. The application is broken into components and a very thoughtful framework is applied to each component to create a holistic picture. Amrit works hard with you to make sure the picture is consistent and honest as you simultaneously work on multiple applications. Hence, you always know what to expect next and what is expected of you.

If you hit a snag, you can always count on getting a response from Amrit within 24-48 hrs. If you need more help, then you can easily book sessions with him to brainstorm ideas and structure your essays. Working sessions with Amrit taught me a great deal about writing and structure which eventually helped me develop a few applications on my own.

Amrit’s feedback is very straightforward and pragmatic. His patience and personal interest in you make him a perfect sounding board. Before you lose yourself in your version of a perfect world or self-doubt, he acts as a voice of sanity and yanks you back into reality making your application more authentic and genuine. Of course, the B-schools love it.

Amrit’s international experience, understanding of B-schools, career paths, and years of experience working help him stand out from other consultants. He is up to date with the changing expectations and priorities of different B-schools and keeps learning from each application and outcome. Hence, you will be working with a more experienced and refined version of Amrit than I did.

Wasim Sheikh

National Institue of Technology Rourkela
Pre-MBA Company
Tuck, LBS ($$), Ross ($$), NYU
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