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About Amrit

Amrit has been helping people apply for top MBA programs since he graduated from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2010, having worked as a Career Coach and an Alumni Admissions Interviewer for the university.

He has personally reviewed hundreds of applications from all around the world. His longtime passion for coaching,

multi-industry and international experience, commitment and determination to see his students succeed lets him bring out the best in applicants so they can truly shine.

Working with Amrit feels like talking to a friend. The conversations were very natural, sometimes jest-riddled, but always insightful. By going through my experiences, and sometimes challenging me to craft my stories from a different perspective, he helped me find a voice that let my personality shine through in the applications.

Admitted :

INSEAD, LBS ($$), Oxford ($$), Judge ($$)

That said, the part where Amrit truly shines is in bringing you to life on your resume! (which, by the way, is just as important as the essays). I cannot stop gushing over how good my resume turned out after working with him (mind you, I had already finished working on it with my previous consultant but after Amrit was done with it, it became a masterpiece I was in love with). Even now when I re-read my resume, I  smile to myself because it makes me feel so good about myself!

Admitted :

Wharton, Ross ($$)

Amrit will guide you through this process and make it as easy as possible. By the end of last year, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I grew so much, and learned so much about myself and it was a truly memorable experience. 

Admitted :

Stanford, Wharton, Kellogg,($$) Yale ($$)

Amrit’s striking attribute lies in his unapologetic honesty—a rarity in this field. His direct and transparent demeanor proves invaluable; he guides you to aim high while simultaneously developing a prudent strategy for business school applications.

Admitted :

Stanford ($$), Wharton

The best part about working with Amrit was that he always managed to bring out the best in you. He has a way of pushing you to introspect, dig deeper and ensure that your most authentic, truest self is displayed in your essays. For an unconventional applicant like me, it was essential to have mind-blowing essays, essays that got me interview invites from schools such as Booth.

Admitted :

Ross, UCLA ($$)